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Italy guided walking tours by certified local expert professional guides & various small group quality verified sightseeing tours of all major tourist attractions: UNESCO Heritage, historical, architectural, imperial, medieval, cultural, spiritual, educational & hidden gems. Enjoy city’s art, music, food, wine, beer, photo-shoot, bike, escooter, etc.. Faith Travel Network

Visiting Rome, the Eternal City of this magnitude is a real challenge and is why we recommend different routes that offer alternatives and less crowded routes to get the most out of your guided visit to popular destinations like; Coliseum, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Vatican Museum, or Navona Square. Guided visits in Rome which focus on Sistine Chapel, Castel Sant’Angelo, stairway to the Spanish Square, Villa Borghese, Trastevere, People’s Square, (Piazza del Pópolo) and even the interesting street culture at the Campo de’ Fiori Square

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Duration: 2 to 5 hours
Starts: Rome, Italy
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What to Expect When Visiting Rome, Lazio, Italy

Italy guided walking tours by certified local expert professional guides & various small group quality verified sightseeing tours of all major tourist attractions: UNESCO Heritage, historical, architectural, imperial, medieval, cultural, spiritual, educational & hidden gems. Enjoy city’s art, music, food, wine, beer, photo-shoot, bike, escooter, etc.. Faith Travel Network

Visiting Rome, the Eternal City of this magnitude is a real challenge and is why we recommend different routes that offer alternatives and less crowded routes to get the most out of your guided visit to popular destinations like; Coliseum, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Vatican Museum, or Navona Square. Guided visits in Rome which focus on Sistine Chapel, Castel Sant’Angelo, stairway to the Spanish Square, Villa Borghese, Trastevere, People’s Square, (Piazza del Pópolo) and even the interesting street culture at the Campo de’ Fiori Square

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Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 1 Option: Ancient Rome historical Walking Tour (Italian, English Mon-Sun 9am):

Rome has almost 3000 years of history and it is really exciting to retrace its history, from the places of the foundation, slowly until the splendid times of the empire.

This tour will be a walk through the most important places to witness all the heritage and historical, cultural and human legacy left by one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

From the Capitol hill, to the Palatine, to the Colosseum, to the imperial Forums as far as the Pantheon, and many more places, we will enter the to heart of the ancient Rome and its history.

Option (English Thu/Sun 3pm) Taste of Rome: ancient history and good Roman Cuisine >>>

The best tour in town to taste the real ancient Rome, a step back in time, and you’ll discover in 2 hours and half the oldest district of the city full of history and art, with one of the most ancient Church of Rome, the beautifull St Mary in Trastevere with splendid mosaics in gold and where you can appreciate the real “Roman Cuisine”: Trastevere.

We will begin starting from Venice Square to :

Marcellus Theater
Octavia Porticus – Jews Ghetto ( stop for tasting tipical products )
Tiberin Island
St Mary of Trastevere Church

Option (English Thu/Fri/Sat 10am 3pm) History from Ancient to Baroc Rome >>>

With a Roman travel guide, you will listen to the best stories of the city and the real information that only who lives here since ever can explain. I want to show the most special spots in Rome.

I’ll recommend also where you can try the best pizzas and ice-cream in Rome!

What we are going to see?

1. The Colosseum
2. Roman Forum
3. Imperial Forums
4. Capitol Hill
5. Ghetto
6. Torre Argentina
7. Pantheon
8. Navona Square

Option (English Tue/Sun 10:30am) Ancient Rome – A Relaxed Stroll >>>

This tour gives you a chance to feel the aura of the grandeur of the Ancient Rome. It’s held in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The main idea is to enjoy our time together when having a chat, exchanging our enthusiasm and info, and taking photos.

We start at the small terrace close to the Colosseum from which you will have an amazing view on this imposing monument, standing still as if not bothered by the turmoil of hundreds of years that have passed. Then we continue along Via dei Fori Imperiali, a result of Mussolini’s caprice, to engage in the tumult of the Roman Fora where crowds gathered vividly, and life was just as it is now.

After admiring the glamour of the Column of Trajan we take our way up the Capitoline Hill where the ruins of the Roman Forum will unroll at your feet. Going down the hill we will have a quick look at the 1st-century BC Theatre of Marcellus before we head towards Area Sacra, known for the assassination of Julius Caesar, and for the cats gathering there to exchange their mysteries. To finish the tour we go inside the marvelous Pantheon and wave to all the gods that are still (so I believe!) curiously gazing through the Oculus, invisible and unnoticed.

After the tour a sip of strong Italian coffee is advised (watch your heart!) at one of the local cafeterias.

Places we will visit/ see:

Colosseum (Not inside)
Via dei Fori Imperiali and Roman Fora
Column of Trajan
Piazza Venezia
Capitoline Hill
Theatre of Marcellus
Area Sacra
Pantheon (We go inside)

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 2 Option: NOT SO TOURISTY Rome Walking Tour (English):

While everyone will show you the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain or the Pantheon, we know that history is under every stone and behind every corner in our eternal city! For this reason, we strongly believe anyone deserves to see Rome as only a local does.

We believe that everyone visiting Rome have to enjoy and live its true culture.

The tour includes: Circus Maximus, Aventino Hill, Old Cattle Market by the Mouth of Truth, Marcellus Theatre, Jewish district.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 3 Option: Beautiful Fountains & Squares of Rome Walking Tour (English, Italian, French Sun-Fri 2pm):

The city of Rome, since the ancient times was rich in water, thanks to the near mountains and lakes, therefore thermal baths and many fountains have always existed in Rome. In fact, the history of Rome is linked to this precious element, as water was considered divine by the ancient Romans.

Considering that the Roman fountains are near to 2000, my commitment and pleasure will be to show you the most beautiful and spectacular ones, walking up and down the streets and squares of the city.

Together with the fountains we will see many beautiful squares of Rome, already born in ancient times as a meeting place, for recreation or for political-social gatherings. These squares demonstrate the multiple styles of art present in Rome, from the ancient period to modern times.

Some examples of the fountains and squares that we will see are Republic and Naiads, Tritone, Api, Spagna, Trevi, Navona, Farnese and many more.

Option (English Wed 10:30am) Squares & Fountains in Rome Walking Tour >>>

Rome wasn’t built in a day! Travel across 2000 years of history in one tour!

We will walk through the most famous spots of the city discovering the most amazing places of Rome.

From the graceful Piazza del Popolo, we will reach the outstanding Piazza di Spagna. From there, with a short walk, we will have the chance to throw a coin in the spectacular Trevi Fountain.

A flashback of 1500 years with the unbelievable Pantheon and the revelation of a secret hide by the extraordinary Piazza Navona.

Take the chance to blow your mind in Rome!

Option (Spanish Mon/Thu/Fri/Sat 10am) The History of Fountains of Rome >>>

Let yourself fall in love with the best sunset in the eternal city by visiting the wonderful fountains of Rome.

Do you want to know the secrets that each source hides?

Discover them by the hand of our best guides.

On our tour we will visit:

-Spain Square
-Barberini Square
-Fontana di Trevi
-Column square
-Save Navona

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 4 Option: Trastevere, Isola Tiberina & Jewish Ghetto Walking Tour (English Tue/Thu 9:30am Fri 3pm):

I will lead you to discover some historic districts of the city, where time seems to stand still. Trastevere, the area across the Tiber where once lived the Etruscans and where later many immigrants from the East also settled, mainly Jews.

Along the tour I will show to you the place where once stood what was believe to be the most ancient Jewish Synagogue in Rome.

Crossing the river we will walk through the Tiberine Island before we reach the Jewish District, once called the Ghetto. As Rome was the house of the oldest Jewish community in all of Europe, this beautiful, thriving neighborhood is as central to the history of the city as it is to the whole Jewish History.

What will we visit? 🙂

1. Trastevere
2. Vicolo dell’Atleta
3. Isola Tiberina
4. Portico d’Ottavia
5. Jewish Ghetto

Option (English Thu 4pm) The Best of Trastevere >>>

Our Trastevere Walking Tour guides you in the amazing neighbourhood of Trastevere.

Trastevere has more than 2000 years of history and a remarkable amount of unique artworks. Follow us around its narrow streets, treasures, legends and amazing churches.

First of all the walk begins in the heart of Rome in the middle of its iconic Tiber island, probably the smallest inhabited island in the world.

Our Trastevere Itinerary includes amazing masterpieces like the ancient Christian Basilica of Santa Cecilia, one of the district’s most stunning treasures; then it also continues among the district’s narrow alleys where you can feel countless centuries of myths and legends. Furthermore, Trastevere Tour will include also one of the latest artworks of Bernini:”Blessed Ludovica Albertoni” before finally taking you to Santa Maria in Trastevere, the oldest church in the world where you will admire its outstanding golden mosaic.

Follow us around this labyrinth of picturesque alleys and as a result you will discover what made Trastevere, its inhabitants and its traditions so special and unique.

The tour may include a stop for snack or drinks at the end.

Option (Spanish Mon-Sun 7:30pm) Trastevere Walking Tour >>>

You can not miss the charm of Rome at night and its nightlife! That’s why we created this tour.

A tour outside the normal where history and fun are mixed.

We will cross the most important Circus of the Roman era, place where the biggest circus chariots Circo Massimo were made to reach the Boca de la Verdad (if you are not 100% sure of your honesty DO NOT GO HANDS) You will know the port area where life developed before the foundation of Rome The Forum Boarium with its ancient Temples.

The beautiful Teatro Marcello named after the Emperor Octavio in honor of his dead nephew, the Octavia portico made by the Emperor himself, we will also tell you the history of the Jews in Rome when we pass through the Jewish Ghetto (Jewish Quarters of Rome), The mystical Island Tiberina and to finish in the place preferred by the Romans for an appetizer or why not? A bailadita.

Option (Spanish Mon-Sun 4:30pm Mon/Wed/Sat 10:30am) Trastevere: The Most Charming Neighborhood Rome >>>

In this tour we will go beyond the Tiber river to know Trastevere, one of the most famous neighborhoods in Rome, that attracts both locals and tourists for its bohemian air, great gastronomic offer and charming alleys with a plenty of stories and traditional architecture.

Together we will discover its secrets, and will be get captivated by its bohemian life. In this tour we will visit:

* Portico d’Ottavia
* Old Synagogue
*Saint Cecilia
* Merchants Square
* Santa Maria in Trastevere
* Santa Maria della scala
* Piazza Trilussa

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 5 Option: The Nine-Square Tour: Broad Perceptions on History Walking Tour (English, Portuguese Tue/Fri/Sat/Sun 9:30am):

The Squares have always played an important role in the cities as places for public gathering, games, markets, protests, executions. As fundamental elements for the dynamics of cities, the Squares are result as well as witnesses of urban transformations through time, according to different ideologies and artistic conceptions.

This tour invites you for a 3km walk along 9 Roman Squares and their surrounding monuments, such as breathtaking Baroque Churches and imposing Palaces. Be ready to explore, sharpen your senses and add new perspectives to your trip.

NOTE: The booking has a limit of 5. However, if you would like to do the tour on a “sold-out” day, or even add more people to the tour if you have already booked it, do not hesitate to send me a message with the total number of participants so I can check the availability of it.

1. Piazza della Repubblica
2. Piazza di San Bernardo
3. Piazza Barberini
4. Piazza del Quirinale
5. Piazza di Trevi
6. Piazza di Pietra
7. Piazza di Sant’Ignazio di Loyola
8. Piazza della Rotonda
9. Piazza Navona

Option (Spanish Fri/Sun 3:30pm) Walking Tour through the Squares of Rome >>>

The tour consists of a journey through the history and streets of Rome. Going through the ruins of the Roman Empire and the Republican Rome, but also with the best works of the Renaissance and the Baroque found in the squares of Rome. We will visit together the most important squares, and many characteristic ruins of the city, such as the Imperial Fora, Venezia Square, Navona Square, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain and Spagna Square. I am an official guide of Rome, and for four years I have been guided tours of the city, and the different museums, including the Colosseum and the Vatican in English and Spanish.

Option (Spanish Mon-Sat 11:30am Sun 9:30am) Squares of Rome and Vatican >>>

Come and enjoy the best tour of the Eternal City! In this tour we will take you through a journey in the history of the Popes, The Renaissance and the Baroque, various times, movements and events that have impacted the world and that have become part of our roots with a super dynamic and passionate guide.

History and most importantly, I am a tourist at heart, I think as a tourist and I know you are looking for a tourist from each city you visit. I want to show you everything!

On this Tour we will start at Plaza Barberini, the birthplace of the Baroque,

The wonderful Trevi Fountain so that with your coins you can ensure your return to Rome and why not? True love.

Plaza de la Columna where is the Italian Parliament and the beautiful Column of Marco Aurelia erected by his son Comodo in 192 AD.

The Majestic Pantheon of Agrippa with free entrance to it.

Piazza Navona is chosen for many films because of its charm and raised on the Domiziano Stadium, this square hides many secrets and we want to tell you.

Corte di Cassazione we will tell you his story and why its creator decided to commit suicide.

The emblematic San Angel Castle

And we will finish nothing more and nothing less than in the most visited Plaza in the world Plaza San Pedro.

After finishing the people who wish, we will take you to a typical Roman Trattoria of more than 100 years and you can still enjoy the true heat and flavors of Italy.

This Tour departs every day.

From Monday to Saturday at 11:30 and

Sundays at 9:30 because we take you to receive the Papal Blessing on Sunday.

Duration: 3 hours

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 6 Option: The Dark Side of Roma Walking Tour (Spanish, English):

Come to know the dark history of the eternal city. We all know that like any ancient city, Rome has its secrets and some ghosts.

We will begin our tour in front of the St Angelo castle, which holds more than one secret, and we will walk through the city center discovering typical characters of Roman culture, stories about important families, some popes, places where public executions were carried out, a terrible prison, a very special church and the place of murder of the famous Julio César, among other things.

It will be a walk through the alternative history of Rome, which not everyone knows.

Duration: 3 hours

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 7 Option: Joyful City Walk Through Rome’s Gems Walking Tour (English):

This is a relaxed walk through the streets of the city centre. We will see some famous monuments and stop at some busy piazzas, you can take some amazing photos and I can share what I know with you :). The main idea is to enjoy together the vibe of this wonderful city.

We start at the famous Trevi Fountain, persistently visited by crowds of curious admirers who are being vigilantly watched over by the muscular and pretty serious looking Oceanus. After throwing a lucky coin in its clear waters we move towards the glorious Pantheon to praise the genius of its dome, illuminated by the sunlight graciously coming through the Oculus. From there we continue to one of the most exuberant squares in Rome, Piazza Navona, adorn with three captivating Renaissance fountains. On the way to Piazza Campo de Fiori, known for its traditional food market (yes! cheese, olive oil, spices!), we stop at the statue of Pasquino just to ask how he is doing.

We can even be tempted to pop in to nearby Frigidarium for a delicious artisan gelato (yeah!), or Roscioli for a piece of pizza or suppli. From Piazza Campo de Fiori we continue to the Jewish ghetto with its unique vibe and some of the best places to try some kosher cuisine and traditional Roman dishes. Here is where we end the stroll.

Places we visit/see:

Trevi Fountain

Piazza della Colonna (Column of Marcus Aurelius)

Pantheon (we can go inside – appropriate clothing, cover arms and knees)

Piazza Navona

Piazza Campo de Fiori

Piazza del Pasquino (Pasquino statue)

Jewish ghetto

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 8 Option: Roma in a Glance: Best Walking Tour (English):

In this guided visit you will discover with us those corners full of history and the essential places that come to your mind when thinking about Rome. You will discover with us imperial remains, baroque churches, and the famous squares and fountains.

Starting from Saint Peter’s Square our walk will then pass by Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Venezia, heart of ancient, medieval and modern Rome

If you are visiting this incredible town, join us to have a magnificent Rome’s Glance!

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 9 Option: The Best Walking Tour of Rome (Spanish):

From Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo there are about two kilometers of historical center where the main monuments of Imperial and Baroque Rome accumulate.

The best tour of Rome gives the visitor the opportunity to access the main monuments.

The tour, very complete, includes these visits:

-Altar de la Patria

-Column of Trajan

-Campidoglio and she-wolf with Romulus and Remus

-Via del Corso, the “shops” avenue

-Trevi Fountain

-Temple of Adriano

– Agrippa Panther

-San Luis de los Franceses (Caravaggio Paintings)

-Indian Italian

-Piazza Navona

-Italian Parliament

-Column by Marco Aurelio

-Via dei Condotti (luxury brands)

-Spain Square

In my visits I also give all kinds of information about the most convenient places to eat, drink ice cream or enjoy the best coffee; besides recommending other routes and unforgettable places in the city such as the Colosseum or the Vatican.

Duration: 5 hours

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 10 Option: Vatican and San Pedro Walking Tour in Rome (Spanish):

The walking tour to the Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica allows tourists to get to know the center of Christendom first hand, to obtain a historical, cultural, artistic and religious approach to the smallest state in the world.

The guided tour leaves from Piazza Venezia, in the heart of the city, to end in the Plaza de San Pedro, the work of the great architect Bernini, which highlights the San Pietro colonnade, the Egyptian Obelisk and the largest temple in the world, with 22,000 square meters.

Impressive is the dome of the basilica, the work of Michelangelo, the largest in the world, with 135 meters high and 14,000 tons. The tour includes:

– Venice Square

– Church of ‘Il Gesù’, central of the Society of Jesus (Pope Francis is Jesuit).

– Sacred Area of ​​Largo de Torre Argentina, temples of the 6th century BC.

– Basilica of Sant’Andrea della Valle.

– Campo de ‘Fiori, the oldest market in Rome.

– The house of the mistress of Pope Alexander VI.

– Chiesa Nuova – Santa Maria in Vallicella (Rubens paintings).

– Ponte de Sant’Angelo.

– Castel Sant’Angelo.

– Via della Conciliazione.

– St. Peter’s Square – Vatican City.

After the tour, which lasts around 3 hours, attendees can already freely visit the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of San Pedro (Requires the purchase of tickets). In addition, during the tour I recommend where the best restaurants and ice cream shops in the area are located, as well as the streets where you can buy gifts, clothes or footwear.

Duration: 4 hours

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 11 Option: Complete of Rome (1 of 5) Walking Tour (Spanish):

This Tour is designed to achieve a complete and really beautiful tour so you can meet all the expectations of the visitor. Rome is really impressive, a place where you won’t want to miss anything.

I will take you to the best places and give you the most relevant information of each of them. You can take the best photos and make new friends, since in these types of tour you usually meet many beautiful and nice people. The tour is divided into 5 parts from north, south, east, and west. It is designed that way because there really is a lot but a lot to see, and if you are not well informed and organized, it is really very likely that you will miss too many wonderful things and that is not the idea. In this way you can see all the most important of Rome and in the shortest possible time.

As I said before, in 5 parts where you can perfectly complete it in just two and a half days if you wish, or simply take the part you like best (part 1,2,3,4 or 5).

Tour 1/5:

• Church of Jesus.

• Largo di Torre Argentina (Roman ruins and feline colony).

• Pantheon of Rome (Roman Church and historical tombs).

• Piazza Navona.

• Sant’Angelo Bridge.

• Sant’Angelo Castle (Outside).

• Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica (Outside).

• Corte di Cassazione.

Beautiful people, when we finish the tour, attendees can now freely visit the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of San Pedro or the Castle of Sant’Angelo (They require the purchase of tickets). Basilica of San Pedro is an entry released every last Sunday of the month “from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.”

IMPORTANT … We are going to walk a lot, so it is better to wear very comfortable clothes, water and a snack. Umbrella if the weather does not look very good. It is always better to prevent. The tour lasts between 2 hours and a half to 3 hours. I will not bore you with so much history. I better give you only the most relevant and interesting data so that it does not become excessively long and tedious. Rather achieve a complete, beautiful and fun tour above all things. This tour is done for tips only to each one, plus a big hug.

But you must keep in mind that we GUIDES, we must pay for each of the tourists, to this GuruWalk platform. This is how it works. Please, arrive a few minutes earlier because PUNCTUAL starts, and you cannot wait. And if for six reasons you cannot attend, please contact me to cancel your quota, otherwise I will have to pay your place and it would be money lost to me.

Beautiful people, thank you very much and I hope to meet you and have fun together in this amazing and beautiful city.

Duration: 3 hours 15 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 12 Option: Ancient & Modern Rome, A Journey Through Time Walking Tour (Spanish):

Rome is a city where the old is mixed with the modern, so traveling to the center of the city is the perfect opportunity to observe a wonderful and immense mixture of periods of time, ranging from the prehistoric to the modern age.

With this tour you can get to know the history, while contemplating the impressive Architecture of the Roman Empire, its way of living, of conquering and triumphing over time.

We will visit:

-Pyramid (meeting point)

-Terrails of Caracalla

-Máximo Circus

-Maximun place

-Bocca de la Verità

-Boario Forum

-Tarpeya Rock

-Marcello Teather

-Venice Square

-Traiano’s Tower

-Traiano Forum and Market

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 13 Option: Wonderful Rome A Journey Through History Walking Tour (Spanish):

In this wonderful journey through the Roman and Renaissance monuments, you will be able to discover the different periods of the city, and how over the time Rome has been forged according to its social and economic context.

We will pass through the most important Roman streets and Roman houses converted into Titulus Ecleciarum, or churches that took the name of the families that donated their house to the church, and many more monuments of imperial age.

What places are we going to visit?

-Aurelian walls (275dc)

-Asinaria door – San Giovanni Gate

-Rome Basilica

-The Holy Stairs

-Tummosis Obelisk

-Roman houses

-Domus Aurea


-Celimonta (Archaeological Park)

-Clivius scauro


-Circus Maximum

-Boario Forum

After the tour I can recommend good restaurants, electric bike tours with wine, meat and cheese tastings, guided walks to the Coliseum and Vatican, and many more things that can help you with.

Note: The maximum capacity will be 15 people, to give a personal and enjoyable experience. Do not miss your spot!

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 14 Option: Heart of Rome – The best walking tour of your dreams (Spanish):

The tour: Heart of Rome offers the opportunity to know the most interesting monuments in the pure center of Rome. The tour includes a geological itinerary that explains the construction materials in Roman times and the current state of the buildings after 2000 years standing.

Once the group is together, an introduction is planned in the viewpoint of Circus Massimo then we will visit the stops provided in the guide and to conclude, Piazza Navona.

– Introduction

– Palatine.

– Massimo Circus.

– Giano’s arch.

– Temple of Hercules.

– Tiberina Island.

– Flaminio Circus.

– Marcello Theater.

– Sacred Area.

It is a pleasant tour, with the spontaneity of a walk through Rome, worthy for a first approach to what awaits you in the Eternal City. In addition to this, at the end of the tour, I will have full availability to inform where the best Roman cuisine restaurants, different viewpoints to contemplate the city, gelaterie, etc. are located.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 15 Option: Heart of Rome (II): “An Empire To Discover” Walking Tour (Italian, Spanish):

This is the second part of the original tour, in this case we start with Rome in imperial expansion, where the greatest secrets of the empire’s capital hold us.

Roman tradition, culture and influence will be our main theme, with informative geological help, rigorous historical data and citations from the most talented writers in the time of emperors.

In this case, there has been more interest in the popularity and grandeur of the monuments to visit, as well as the second parts deserve, monuments such as:

– Argentario Arch

– San Jorge el Velabro Church

– Clivius Capitolina

– Tarpeya Rock

– Roman Forum

– Via Sagrada

– Tabularium

– Capitol

– Trajan’s Market

– Imperial Forums

– Colosseum

Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 16 Option: Rome of Remus: Discovering the Best Secrets of the City Walking Tour (Spanish):

Whether you have already been to Rome or whether it is your first time, with us you will get to know the history, secrets, wonders and essential places of Rome in the most enjoyable, fun and romantic way as nobody had ever told you. Give us the opportunity and you will not regret it!

Fall in love with Rome with us, seeing the oldest and most characteristic monuments that saw the city being born; as well as one of the hills of Rome not so well known, but one of the most important in Roman history if the founder of the city had been Remus, the twin brother of the famous Legend of Romulo and Remus.

In this tour of stories, secrets and legends we will visit:

*Massimo Circus


*Aventine Hill, the chosen hill by Remus.

*Santa Sabina Church

*Knights of Malta Square (the secret of Rome). The only place in the world where you can see three countries from a lock!

*The orange gardens. The most famous viewpoint in Rome!

*Boario Forum

*Giano Arch

*The Truth Mouth, or the most popular lie detector in the world!

*The Isola Tiberina

If you are a curious person, you like to discover the not-so-known places, dive into its secrets and get to the essence of the city, this is the tour for you that you can not miss, so join us!

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 17 Option: Rome between Water, Stone and Lights Walking Tour (Spanish):

A walk in the eternal city, in search of knowing more about this romance between stone water and lights that has lasted for centuries! We will go through its streets, talking about its history, art, culture and curiosities, we will take pictures, we will recreate some scenes of films that have been shot in the city and we will share a delicious Handmade Ice Cream! We will visit: -Plaza de España -Fontana de Trevi -Pantón -Plaza Navona. And many more places, which are a must when traveling to the city.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Stop At: Rome, Rome, Lazio

Tour 18 Option: Discover the Best of Rome (Spanish Thu-Tue 10am):

The best tour to have a first contact with the city, to know where we are and how it all began in history. We will see several iconic monuments of the city and discover together their corners, squares, fountains and curiosities of Italian culture. Before ending the tour, we can eat one of the best ice creams in the city, totally handmade.

Duration 3:00 hrs. we will see:

· Venice Square
· Altar of the Fatherland
· Capitol
· Marcello Theater
· Jewish Ghetto
· Piazza Navona
· Pantheon
· Trevi Fountain
· Plaza España
… and more!


Option (Spanish Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat 10am) >>>

This tour is a great starting point to get to know the Eternal City, on an exciting journey through its 2772 years, where you can discover the most emblematic squares, streets, fountains and corners as well as its many legends and stories .

We will travel to Imperial Rome with the Agrippa Pantheon, the temple of the Sevillian emperor Adriano and the Trajan Column, we will walk through the medieval Ghetto district, famous for having the oldest Jewish community in the world and the dramatic events that occurred during World War II , we will enjoy the Baroque discovering the artistic rivalry between Bernini and Borromini in Piazza Navona and throwing a coin in the famous Fontana di Trevi, and we will finish in the 20th century with the Monument to Victor Manuel II, the first king of Italy after its unification, and the Commercial Gallery dedicated to the actor Alberto Sordi.

The Eternal City» includes a guided tour of the following places:

– Piazza Navona
– The talking statue of Pasquino
– Pantheon (the interior is also visited)
– Adriano Temple
– Piazza Colonna
– Alberto Sordi Gallery
– Fontana di Trevi
– Trajana column
– Piazza Venezia and Monument to Victor Manuel II

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